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Amato Daniele and Leu Locati

The royals

Elegance. Grace. Class. For over the past century, Leu Locati has accompanied royalty's weapons during key moments in their lives, from their royal engagements, to galas and historic political events.

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II of England attended several major events with the Leu Locati mesh bag. She has used her 540 dozens of times

Princess Diana

The late Princess Diana was a gem to the world. She was known all over the world for her kindness and her big heart, and there is no denying her dresses in her fashion.

Grace Kelly

Before Grace Kelly became the beloved princess of Monaco, she was an American actress who captured the hearts of her audience. During the 1955 Oscars, she approached the stage accompanied by a Leu Locati Petit Point to accept her Oscar for "The Country Girl".